BlackBerry 7290 OS

Below is the direct link to download the BlackBerry 7290 OS. Follow the instructions on how to flash this device carefully, I will not take responsibility on whatever may happen to your device. Make sure you are downloading the exact firmware of the device you want to flash because flashing a wrong firmware will make the device completely dead (can’t power on, can’t charge and will not be detected by a computer).

Download BlackBerry 7290 OS

Download BlackBerry 7290 OS

File Name: 7290E_PBrER4[1].1.0_rel556_PL1.8.0.154_A4.1.0.377_AWS
File Size: 23 MB
How To Flash: Follow Instruction


How To Flash

Step 1: Download & extract the OS on your computer.

Step 2: Open the extracted folder, there you will get the firmware of the device.

Step 3: Make sure you install BlackBerry Desktop on your Computer to ensure that the device gets connected (skip this step if blackberry desktop is already installed).

Step 4: Install the OS.

Step 5: After Installing the OS, Make sure you delete vendor.xml file before proceeding.

Step 6: Launch AppLoader and flash your device.

See Detailed Instruction with images

Important Notes:

[*] Take a backup: All data on your device gets wiped after flashing so take a backup of your personal data before flashing or installing the new firmware. As this ease you to recover them whenever any thing wrong happens.

[*] Erase OS: It is always advisable to erase the old firmware of the device before installing the new firmware. Learn how to do so by heading to this link How to Erase BlackBerry OS.

[*] Read me: Make sure you read & follow this tips & guides before you completely proceed to flashing your device. These tips are very important to be ignored.


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