Download ioRoot Tool for LG devices

ioRoot Tool is a great piece of mobile utility developed by xda developers IOMonster, Autoprime and Shelnutts which is used to easily root LG devices with few clicks of the mouse. These three developers developed different versions of this tool. 

Download ioRoot Tool for LG devices
This tool is able to root LG phones running on android 4.0 ice cream sandwich to android 4.4.2 kitkat. Phones like LG G2, G3, G Flex, G Pro & G Pad 8.3 can also be rooted with this tool.

Features of iRoot

One-Click Root

ioRoot allows you to root your LG devices in a click. Simply install the LG USB Drivers on your Computer, after installing the drivers enable usb debugging on your smartphone. After enabling usb debugging, connect your device and launct root.bat from the ioRoot tool and follow the screen instructions.

Root LG Devices

with the help o ioRoot, you can easily root various LG devices including LG Optimus G (all variants), LG G2 (all variants), LG G3 (all variants on 4.4.2), LG G Flex (all variants on 4.2.2 only), LG G Pro (running on 4.4.2), LG G Pro 2 (running on 4.4.2) and LG Pad 8.3 (all variants) devices.

Manual Root

ioRoot also allows you to root your device manually. For that you need to launch the terminal and enter the commands manually to gain root access.

To root your LG phone with this tool,
 * Download and install LG usb drivers here
 * Enable debug mode on the phone
 * Connect device to PC
 * Run root.bat from ioRoot tool folder
 * Follow the instructions on screen.

You can also use this tool to root your device manually by entering the the commands inside the cmd window (Experts only)

Download ioRoot Tool below

ioRoot Tool V25 – latest

ioRoot Tool V22

ioRoot Tool V11 

ioRoot Tool V10

ioRoot Tool V8

ioRoot Tool V7

ioRoot Tool V5

ioRoot Tool V4

ioRoot Tool V3

ioRoot Tool V2

Very easy to use
Rooting process is very fast
Tool size is small

This tool can only root LG devices
No More updates from developers

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