How To Root Tecno Camon C9

This is a tutorial on how to Root Tecno Camon C9.

What Is Rooting?

Rooting can be said to be Android jailbreaking. Its simply a means of unlocking the operating system of a device so you can install unapproved apps, delete unwanted bloatware, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, writing or changing IMEI, installing fonts, customizing anything and so on.

Tecno Camon C9 is another Tecno device running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).
This simply means that rooting this device could sound difficult but it’s simply easy to execute if you carefully follow the few steps given bellow.

How To Root Tecno W4

Important Notes:

[*] Take a Backup of your personal data before proceeding to this steps. As this helps you to recover the personal data when ever any thing wrong happens.

STEP #1. You need to unlock the bootloader.

How To Unlock Tecno Camon C9 or C9s Bootloader

STEP 1: Enable USB Debugging on the device.
STEP 2: Enable OEM Unlocking under Settings > Developer options.
STEP 3: Setup ADB and Fastboot on the PC.
STEP 4: Connect the device to your PC via USB cord (while Powered On).
STEP 5: Launch ADB.
STEP 6: In ADB, run the following command (press Enter after the imputing the command).

adb devices

STEP 7: ADB should detect the device. If ADB detects other devices but not the Tecno C9 or C9 Pro, then it must be an ADB clash, see
STEP 8:  Once the device is detected, boot it into Fastboot by running the following command (press Enter after the imputing the command).

adb reboot -bootloader

STEP 9: The Device wounld now enter Fastboot (black screen with only fastboot written at the top or bottom).
STEP 10: In Fastboot, run the following command (press Enter after imputing the command).
fastboot oem unlock

STEP 11: Now you would get a prompt on the device asking you to confirm Bootloader unlock, press the volume up button for Yes.
STEP 12: You would now get a success message.
STEP 13: Reboot the device by running the command below (press Enter after imputing the command).

fastboot reboot

Follow the Screenshots or read the tutorials above

Now you have succeeded in unlocking your tecno camon C9 or C9s bootloader so get ready for STEP #2.

STEP 1: Download TWRP for Tecno Camon C9 [romshillzz].
STEP 2: Setup ADB and Fastboot on the PC using the guide at
STEP 3: Extract and copy the TWRP recovery.img into the same folder of the fastboot.exe and adb.exe.

Follow the Screenshot or read the tutorials above

STEP 4: Download SuperSU
STEP 5: Copy to both the device internal storage and SD card (external storage).
STEP 6: Connect the device to your PC via USB cord (while Powered On) and boot device into fastboot as instructed in STEP #1.
STEP 7: When the device enters Fastboot, Flash the TWRP recovery.img to the device by typing the command below then pressing Enter after imputing.

fastboot boot recovery.img

STEP 8: The device would automatically boot into TWRP recovery mode.

STEP 9: In TWRP, if you will get a prompt asking you to swipe to allow modification then swipe.
STEP 10: In TWRP recovery, tap Install.
STEP 11: Navigate to the location of the and select it.
STEP 12: Swipe to confirm flash and patiently wait until the flashing process is complete.
STEP 13: After the flashing process is completed, Reeboot System.

Now you have successfully rooted your Tecno Camon C9!

Confirm Root: Download and install Root Checker from Google Play Store or from here

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