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Below is the direct link to download the Miracle Box Latest Setup Version v2.75 and other Previous Versions. Miracle Box is all-in-one servicing tool designed to work with a range of Chinese mobile phones “Miracle Box Truly for China Mobile”. Miracle Box allows its user to perform some task in mobile devices which includes firmware writing, mobile decoding, firmware backup, IMEI repair as well as other software repair operations with devices based on supported CPUs. On this page, we have provided you with the direct link to download the latest and previous versions of Miracle Box Setup (Miracle Box Latest Setup/Version).

Download Miracle Box Setup (All Versions)

Download Miracle Box Latest Setup (All Versions)

File Name: Miracle Box Setup v2.75
File Size: 577 MB
File Version: 2.75 – Latest
Features: Thunder Update

Features of Miracle Box Latest Version v2.75

MediaTek Big List.
Qualcomm Big List.
Spreadtrum Big List.

1. MTK Add New Moblie Read/Write/Unlock Support/FRP
# Tecno I3
# Tecno I3 pro
# Tecno I5
# Tecno I5 pro
# Tecno I7
# Tecno IN3
# Tecno IN5
# Qmobile i6
# Qmobile CS1
# Qmobile CS 1+
# Qmobile J1
# Qmobile J2
# Moto XT1755 New
# Huawei Y3(CRO-U00)
# Turbo 5
# Turbo 5 plus
# Wiko Hurry
# Wiko Kerry
# Wiko Sunny2 Plus
# Wiko Jerry2
# Mobicel R1
# Mobicel R2
# Mobicel Shift
# Mobicel Pure Plus
# Mobicel Rebel
# Mobicel Switch
# Mobicel Zen
# Infinix X521
# Symphony I90
# Kult Beyond
# Kult Gladiator
# Hisense C30 Lite
# Hisense F22E
# Hisense F23
# Hisense F10

2. Qualcomm add new Moblie Read/Write/Unlock Support
# Vivo V7
# Asus X00HD
# Asus X00ID
# Asus ZU680KL
# Asus ZE550KL
# Asus ZC551KL
# Asus ZS550KL
# Asus ZE553KL
# Asus ZD552KL
# Asus ZE601KL

3. SPD add New SC9832/SC9830 Read/Write/Unlock support.
4. SPD Improve SC7731C/SC7720 Read/Write/Unlock support.
5. Android Add Asus FRP Remove (All Modles in Fastboot).
# A001 ZU680KL
# A002 ZS571KL
# A007 ZB501KL
# L001 ZB690KG
# X00AD ZB500KL
# X00DD ZC553KL
# X00HD ZC520KL
# X00iD ZC554KL
# X007D ZB552KL
# X009D ZB450KL
# X014D ZB452KG
# Z00D ZE500CL
# Z00ED ZE500KL
# Z00LD ZE550KL
# Z00MD ZE600KL
# Z00RD ZE500KG
# Z00TD ZE551KL
# Z00UD ZD551KL
# Z01B ZC551KL
# Z01FD ZS550KL
# Z01GD ZS551KL
# Z01H ZE553KL
# Z01KD ZE554KL
# Z01M ZD552KL
# Z010D ZC550KL
# Z011D ZE601KL
# Z012D ZE552KL
# Z016D ZS570KL
# Z017DB ZE520KL
6. Android Improve Vivo Unlock Bootloader.
7. Android Add Vivo Lock Bootloader.
8. Software fix some bugs.

Miracle Box v2.75 – latest

Miracle Box v2.73

Miracle Box v2.72

Miracle Box v2.71

Miracle Box v2.70

Miracle Box v2.69

Miracle Box v2.68 – no link

Miracle Box v2.67

Miracle Box v2.66

Miracle Box v2.65

Miracle Box v2.65

Miracle Box v2.64

Miracle Box v2.63

Miracle Box v2.62

Miracle Box v2.61

Miracle Box v2.60

Miracle Box v2.59

Miracle Box v2.58

Miracle Box v2.57

Miracle Box v2.56

Miracle Box v2.55

Miracle Box v2.54

Miracle Box v2.53

Miracle Box v2.52

Miracle Box v2.51

Miracle Box v2.50

Miracle Box v2.49

Miracle Box v2.48

Miracle Box v2.47 – International Users

Miracle Box v2.47 – Indian Users

Miracle Box v2.47 – Main Data exe

Miracle Box v2.46

Miracle Box v2.45

Miracle Box v2.44

Miracle Box v2.43

Miracle Box v2.42

Miracle Box v2.41

Miracle Box v2.40

Miracle Box v2.39

Miracle Box v2.38

Miracle Box v2.37

Miracle Box v2.36

Miracle Box v2.35

Miracle Box v2.30

Miracle Box v2.29

Miracle Box v2.27

Miracle Box v2.26

Miracle Box v2.25

Miracle Box v2.24

Miracle Box v2.23

Miracle Box v2.22

Download Miracle Box Driver

Miracle Box Driver

Important Notes:

[*] Compatibility: The above tools are compatible on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).

[*] Usage: Miracle Box Setup requires its box and dongle key to get started, So if you don't have one then use the Crack Version.

[*] Version 2.47: We strongly recommend Indian Users to use Indian Version using International Version is just on their own risk Miracle team Is Not Liable for that.

[*] Caution: Take a backup of your personal data before using Miracle Box as because all data on your device gets wiped during the flashing process.

[*] Warranty Void: When flashing a Custom rom using Miracle Box, it may void the warranty of your device. Please note that Stock rom don't void warranty.

[*] Credits: Miracle Box is created and distributed by Miracle Team. So, full credits goes to them for making this tool free for download.

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