This site is growing. Starting from the 1st of January 2016 till date we have been uploading files (firmware, tools & drivers) without asking for a penny and we’ve also invested a lot in our server. We all generate Gigabytes of traffics per day and romshillzz must pay for these traffics.

Each month, We have to pay to the uploaders, Editors, Server Bills, and Maintainance charges. Although it is not the most expensive thing in the world, But it has reached a point where We can no longer pretend it costs absolutely nothing. So, therefore this is why we are raising funds!.

Every penny of your donation is acceptable, You can support us today with an online donation via PayPal.

Within 24 hours you’ll receive a confirmation by text or email to let you know the donation has been successful.

Thank You,
Team RomShillzz

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